Stretch Marks on Breasts and How To Treat Them

As much as it pains me to say it, the truth is that this is a very common condition among women with medium / large breast sizes, and in some cases even smaller for this disease, especially after pregnancy and lactation. Not much can be done to prevent this besides keeping the skin hydrated, this includes a good body lotion after every bath, but unfortunately this is not a failsafe method, even a perfectly healthy skin can sometimes develop these marks. Some women just give up and look at this as a kind of battle scars, but I’m here to show that you can get your skin to look as good as before, if not better.

What causes this?

The key element here is actually a protein called collagen; this protein is responsible for skin elasticity. As we grow, a lot of it is produced, so that the skin can grow without breaking, but its production begins to decline as they reach adulthood, and eventually stops altogether, this does not mean skin begins to lose elasticity over time, but it breaks.

As for the question at hand, the problem with the breasts of stretch marks is really serious, because the breast is large, the skin is in constant tension to hold the chest in place, now if the skin is stiffer (less elastic) will happen is that the skin begins to break, and wear is simply a slot. If you take the force of gravity and also add volume changes during lactation and pregnancy in general, the skin will be more elastic to withstand the weight of the breast and quick volume increase, and what happens is the formation of new striae, for this reason, people who gain weight too fast, or grow too fast (bodybuilders) often have these same problems, because the skin cannot grow at a rate fast enough.

If you read this is now likely that you have probably already tried some treatment of stretch marks, so let’s talk a little about them, and why most do not reach the best goal.

Why are the most popular methods, both struggling with this?

It has always been a lot of creams and lotions that claim to remove them, but at best they simply mix your color a bit more, so it becomes less noticeable, however, will still be there, even surgery is a difficult time, because wrinkles can pull and stretch the skin and this requires otherwise. What you do in these procedures is actually much damaged, and shoot another in his place, the skin is not the best solution and the most expensive, since there is no guarantee that the new skin will not develop the same condition, and you are not healing the skin, only removing it, you also get the advantage of a new scar. What you really need is a treatment that increases the elasticity of the skin, promoting the production of collagen, creating in the process a fresh new layer of skin that corrects imperfections (including punctuation and more), this type of treatment is called therapy collagen Induction, and can be done at home with a dermaroller.

What is the Dermaroller, and how to help my stretch marks?

The dermaroller is simply a plastic roller with lots of small needles called micro-needles. I know it feels like a torture device, but the needles are so small (1.5 mm max) it just feels a slight tingling on the skin. It works by using skins natural response to aggression when the dermal roller is deployed in the affected areas, which makes the piercing of the skin deep enough to run the nerve endings, and basically tells the skin to produce collagen “fix” the piercing area. Imagine multiplying the thousands of small punctures made while rolling, and now has all the production of a fresh new layer of collagen, which will begin to form a new layer of skin slate, correcting and regenerating all its previous skin imperfections such as stretch marks that goal .

The property of inducing dermal collagen roller is only one of the important features provided during treatment; the other is the increase in the rate of skin absorption. Follow me on this one, you just made a lot of very small holes in the skin, now if you were to use a good cream with vitamins to nourish the skin which is absorbed much better, as it could reach the inner layers of the skin and not just the outside one. That is why it is very important to take advantage of this opportunity, the same principle could be used with many other creams such as hair loss creams / lotions, basically to increase the effect on skin creams to 2000x (it looks like a typo, but it is not).


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