Derma Roller Tips and Tricks

Derma rollers should be very easy to use, but many different people have conflicting information out there is. Here are ten simple rules to remember to take the trouble of these fantastic little devices.

1) Do not buy a needle length that is too long – You might think that the longer the needle the better result. While this may be marginally true, if you go too long, you do not want to use it because it will be very painful.
2) No Moisturize – Many people use a derma roller without applying any moisturizer or vitamin cream. As I do I can still produce good results with it, you will achieve better results faster.
3) Do not press too hard – Forget “no pain, no gain” and just use the derma roller gently, do not draw blood and see the results displayed without having to suffer the inconvenience.
4) Buy Support – Make sure you buy your derma roller from somewhere that provides continuous help with your treatment. Some companies only sell the derma roller and go to work. Not great, if you need any assistance or help line. Do not know where to go for help, try resources such as derma roller planet.
5) Do not share your derma roller – just not hygienic.
6) Proper care for your derma roller – The needles can be quite demanding. Do not drop, knock, and approximately cleaned at least once a week which. This way, you can extend the life of your derma roller.
7) Do not let the sales talk and marketing put you off – Derma rollers can be very simple. Do not worry too much about all the sales hype and additional products. Just use about five days a week, takes about a minute to use it, add a little moisturizing cream and ready. Job done.
8) Do not overstretch – Some rolls every day is enough to get the job and collagen production SKIN. Do not do it on the roll, no need.
9) Buy and Compare – Do not go for the first derma rollers are. Find a place that sells more than one model so you can see the pros and cons of each. Any site that sells only the model cannot pretend to offer honest advice is a brand.
10) I believe in them – that sound too good to be true, but I believe it. They are so easy, so effective and only a matter of time before they become the secret weapon of everyone against aging.

Stay with these ten tips and you’ll see no problem in using your derma roller.


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