Derma Roller Review

The dermaroller is becoming one of the most popular household devices for skincare. With the ability to literally reverse time by evening skin tones and renewing skin, the dermaroller has recently been spotted on hit TV shows such as The Doctors and the Rachel Ray show. Due to the popularity of the dermaroller, many brands are being introduced every day. However, many of these brands are made from low quality materials and are not certified by health organizations. We review the most popular dermarollers based on 3 factors to see which is the best dermaroller. We compare them based on effectiveness, price and safety.

First we tested the effectiveness of each dermaroller. There were some dermarollers which had no effect on stretch marks and acne scars during our testing period of 3 months. There were only 2 brands which had visible results within the first 4 weeks of use.

Next, we compared the prices of all the dermarollers. Many of the brands originating from Asia, such as ZGTS and Dr. Roller were sold at lower prices than those in North America, however we found the quality of these dermarollers to be lower. Some had bent needles or arrived broken before we were even able to test them. When purchasing a dermaroller, expect to pay between $50 to $100, which should last you for at least 3 to 4 months.

The last factor we compared was the safety of each dermaroller. This is where the biggest difference came into play. We received a few dermarollers from companies originating in Asia with bent needles and some with a few missing needles. This is a major safety concern when it comes to performing treatments because you would not want loose needles to fall out or bend during your treatments. This is why we recommend ordering your dermaroller from companies situated in North America because they have health and safety standards superior to those in Asia.

After performing these tests on each of the top brands of dermarollers, we crowned the best dermaroller as the winner. This brand was the Derma Roller System. The Derma Roller System excelled in all three categories including effectiveness, where we saw visible improvements in our patients stretch marks and acne scars within 4 weeks, the price is reasonable at around $50 and lastly it complied to safety regulations set forth in North America.

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To view the Derma Roller System on the Rachel Ray show, please watch the video below.

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